Unlimited text with friends or groups

Unlimited Text

Web Based Management

Web Based

Voice History Enables Re-Listening Of Your Voice Talks

Voice History

Unlimited Voice Talking Is Instantly

Voice Talking

Share your location with friends !



Share Location

Share and send your location to friends. Friends can see your location on Google Maps.
Bind together the power of voice talks and location services .
You can also use locational talking features which enables you talk to friends at a certain location.
Or use the emergency button to share your location and coordinates in case of emergencies.


Talk With Friends or Groups

You can talk to your friends. Instant talks happen lightning fast.
Plus, you can create private groups and talk to all your friends. Funnier group talks using text messages, and location features.
You will also have Talk history, if you want your talks can be recorded. Recorded talks can be listened and re-listened again. Never miss a talk with Vodaxi!